These scores are typically large, orchestral works.  (MS = MuseScore source file.)


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Brief Fantasia for Orchestra MS MP3 PDF
Orchestral Polonaise in G Major MS MP3 PDF
Timbres in the Large Forest MS MP3 PDF
New Rhapsody for Varied Performers MS MP3 PDF
Orchestral Smörgåsbord MS MP3 PDF
Television Show The Orville Theme Music MS MP3 PDF
Victrola's Children Radio Hour - Theme Music Intro MS MP3 PDF
Exordium to an Importance MS MP3 PDF
Euphonium Mini Concerto MS MP3 PDF
Piano Concerto #1 G-Major First Movement MS MP3 PDF
Piano... Second Movement MS MP3 PDF
Piano... Third Movement MS MP3 PDF
Pictures of a North Idaho Family Documentation for Suite MS   PDF
Pictures... Preface MS MP3 PDF
Pictures... Coot MS MP3 PDF
Pictures... The Couple MS MP3 PDF
Pictures... Being Married MS MP3 PDF
Pictures... The Bonner Family MS MP3 PDF
Pictures... Epilogue MS MP3 PDF
Pictures... Old audio rendering from original Finale score, with the composer narrating. MP3