All works on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The contents of this page address my compositions, and the practice of claiming copyright.  My compositions are not copyrighted with any formal governmental office.  I do, however, release to all parties, all of my compositions under the following Creative Commons guidelines.  That said, you are free to use my work in a commercial domain;  still, the CC ‘(by)’ element requires you to include attribution, as below.

Attribution Attribution (by)

All CC licenses require that others who use my work in any way must give me credit the way I request (below), but not in a way that suggests I endorse them or their use. If you want to use my work without giving me credit or for endorsement purposes, you must get my permission first.

I wish attribution to include my name, date, and title of composition, as are listed in each score.  NOTE:  there are audio-only files presented for listening & download.  If you choose to use any of those, I expect a notation that you are using music from website.  (Such as, in your Internet content video, you include my audio file.)

I request that any public performance of any work found here be recorded to video with sound, and that recording be forwarded to me.  Please use the "Contact Me" form if you have a video of a performance, to arrange how I might receive such.




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