I use MuseScore when composing in the notation method; putting symbols on a score... which has been done by thousands of composers, for hundreds of years.  There is an alternate way of creating a composition:  'sequencing', or "loop-based".

For that method I use the Reaper software package.  It turns a computer into a DAW (digital audio workstation).  Reaper is free to download and use, and is becoming very popular for amateurs and professionals alike.  (RPP = Reaper source file)


Click on item to download

Casio 8beat Dance 2m58s 120bpm RPP WAV
Casio Merengue 3m17s 100bpm RPP WAV
Hip No Sister 2m30s 120bpm RPP WAV
Casio Bossa Nova 1 3m12s 115bpm RPP WAV
Acrobat 3m35s 120bpm RPP WAV
Pseudo Ska 3m6s 170bpm RPP WAV
Playground On Pluto 3m40s 85bpm RPP WAV
Bounce Number 13 2m34s 120bpm RPP WAV
Casio House 2m25s 130bpm RPP WAV
Casio Beguine Drunk 2m42s 100bpm RPP WAV
Casio Disco Soul 2m50s 90bpm RPP WAV
Moment in Valencia 2m16s 108bpm RPP WAV
Casio 16beat 3 6m5s 100bpm RPP WAV
Casio Jazz Combo 1 3m20s 120bpm RPP WAV
Pause in Barcelona 2m8s 135bpm RPP WAV
Casio Electric Pop 1 1m45s 115bpm RPP WAV