Select from the sub-category on the left, which variety of piece you have interest in.   Say you're interested in just piano.  Click on "Solo-Works" to the left.  Or, if you like choral music, try "Features-Voice" in the left menu.  For convenience, I've included PDF of the score, and an audio file to listen to, for each work.  

Once you download any of these MuseScore (source) compositions, you will need the MuseScore software installed on your computer or device.   It's inside that software, that allows you to manipulate many elements of the score, such as tempo, muting certain voices/parts, and modification of what I've written - if you care to experiment.

If you are new to composing for larger ensembles or orchestra, it could be quite interesting to take an existing score (ahem... one of mine), load it into the MuseScore software, if only to see what a large composition looks like in terms of its music.  There are many particulars about orchestral instruments and their use.