Q:  Where Am I?   What’s going on here?   Who is GandSnut?   Who Is this ferret called Bunthorne?

A:  You are visiting my personal website.  I’m sharing music I’ve produced since 1990.  GandSnut is my web persona – something I established perhaps 1995-ish.  Bunthorne is one of two ferret mascots for this website.  Do a Google search on ‘Bunthorne’ and you’ll understand my GandSnut nom de guerre.

Q:  Where can I go to get the MuseScore (or Reaper) software for my device?

A:  Both programs are free:

Download MuseScore                        Download Reaper

Q: There are TONS of free music on YouTube. What’s the big deal with your tiny collection?

A: If you like (or want) any of my compositions, I’ve made available the score (in some variety) and the audio (MP3 or WAV).  In some cases, only the .MP3 audio files are present.

Q: What file types are available here?

A: MuseScore (.MSCZ), Reaper (.RPP), document rendering of the score (PDF), audio (MP3 or WAV), MIDI (MID), and in a few instances portable music document (XML).  The first two require software be installed on your device (same for XML).

Q:  So there are no royalties, charges, subscriptions required to get and use your music?

A:  That's 100% correct.  I'm releasing my output GRATIS.  I do require a Creative Commons copyright adherence - more is explained on my 'Copyright' page on this site.  For larger, orchestral-based works, you may find it more efficient for me to extract the parts (which you can print out for your ensemble).  We can negotiate a reasonable fee for my time to undertake that.  Contact me regarding what composition you want to get parts for.

Remember...  You need not enlist me to extract orchestral parts.  All you need, is to install the appropriate software, learn that program, then do it yourself.

Q:  Can I reward you for your efforts?

A:  Yes, and I appreciate the sentiment.  Below, you'll find a PayPal button.  Still, watching a video of the live performance of any of my pieces is far more rewarding than a donation.  Seeing pleased performers and an entertained audience is the goal.





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